Sleep Positions Sleep Needs Importance of Mattress Sleep Deprivation
  • New Borns
    0-2 months
      12 - 18 Hours
    3 months to 1 year
      14 - 15 Hours
    1 to 3 years
      12 - 14 Hours
    3 to 5 years
      11 - 13 Hours
    school-aged children
    5 to 12 years
      10 - 11 Hours
    teen and preteens
    12 to 18 years
      8.5 - 10 Hours
    18 +
      7.5 - 9 Hours
    Mattress Importance
    We spend 1/3rd of our life sleeping. Our body repairs itself while we sleep. Every time we snooze our body releases growth harmones for healing and development. It helps re-hydrate our body and blood flow is directed to areas needing it due to daily wear and tear of our body. Memories are cataloged for later use and motor skills are fine tuned. For all the work that our body does while we sleep we need to provide it the comfort that it deserves.

    A comfortable and a good night's sleep helps you loose weight, look younger, improve your memory and live longer!!

    Choosing the right mattress is the first and the most important step to healthy lifestyle.